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Ste-Sabine cemetery (old)

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Place : Ste-Sabine cemetery (old)
Type(s):  Cemetery
177 Rue Principale
Sainte-Sabine QC, Canada
J0J 2B0
Number of deceased published:  478
Total number of deceased:  478
Last deceased added on:  Saturday, May 4, 2019
Administration : La Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Romuald
Contact:  Madame Francine Ouellette
500 Rue Saint-Hilaire
Farnham QC, Canada
J2N 2T1
Phone:  450-293-5761
Fax:  450-293-3235
Web site:  Following link


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  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 1
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 2
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 3
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 4
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 5
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 6
  • Ste-Sabine (Old) 7
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