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Our mission 

Our funerary heritage is filled with stories, personalities and architecture.
True witness of the past, it must be listed, collected and made available to the public.

Remembrance accessible everywhere, anytime!

THE site reference that facilitates the search for burial sites and deceased

Company History

The idea for the Deceased Directory took shape following the death of the wife of INNOVATIONSDJD's General Manager, Daniel Laplante, in 2003. This initiative was driven by the desire to provide a virtual space where families could commemorate their deceased loved ones in a meaningful and respectful way. Thus, the Deceased Directory was born, a website designed to list burial sites and facilitate the search for the deceased.

Thanks to his expertise in programming and his sensitivity to the needs of grieving families, Mr. Laplante transformed this idea into a research tool, offering a valuable service to those seeking to honor the memory of their loved ones.

Besides Daniel Laplante, General Manager, the other founding members play key roles within Innovations DJD:

  • David Parenteau Technical Director
  • Josée Dolbec Account Director
  • Jessika Soucy Business Development Director

Data Reliability

The Deceased Directory is a joint heritage project based on official information. The data on our site comes from official registers and is entered by the managers of the burial sites themselves into our management tool, ÉLOGE. This ensures, as much as possible, the accuracy and reliability of the available information, thus providing a valuable resource for families, researchers, and genealogists.

We are committed to maintaining the quality and veracity of the data by working closely with managers to ensure regular and precise updates of the information.

Evolution and Commitments

Each year, new features are added to the Deceased Directory to improve user experience and search efficiency. Innovations DJD Inc. continues to grow, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement of its services to honor the memory of the deceased.


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