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Deceased Directory project 

Deceased directory is a Web application to optimize burial sites management.

The project allows managers to improve their cemetery management and offers the possibility to display or not on our public website the deceased persons resting at their sites.

We have developed tools to help managers with their regular tasks.

The first tool, named Éloge, is offered exclusively to managers to facilitate the management, documentation and maintenance of their sites. With a simple and efficient system like Éloge, cemeteries, mausoleums and columbariums managers could improve their management efficiency, save time, increase their visibility and save money.

The second tool, our public website, displays informations from cemeteries to the general public, a cemetery card and its coordinates, and displays the deceased found in the cemetery when the managers decide to publish them. With the possibility to display or not deceased on our website, the search for deceased will never be the same and can be done from only one internet site.

With our public website, now we will have a common directory for funeral research, without having site managers to build their own website.

Our mission 

Our funerary heritage is filled with stories, personalities and architecture. True witness of the past, it must be listed, collected and made available to the public.

Our mission is to provide tools to support funeral site managers in their regular tasks and to centralize funerary heritage data in one common and accessible location.

Offered services 

ÉLOGE - A private and secure tool to manage burial sites
  • Manage ALL your burial sites: cemeteries, crypts, mausoleums and columbarium
  • Manage your register of deceased persons, your plots, your concessions and all related contacts
  • Print deceased and concessions details
  • Print reports
    • Burials register (Funeral operations act)
    • Diocese annual report
  • Consult an accurate and useful dashboard [See more...]
  • Create invoices for your clients [See more...]
  • Upload your existing data to an Excel file
  • Watch the online help videos
PUBLIC INTERNET WEBSITE - www.deceaseddirectory.com - A search engine for sites and deceased
  • Post on our website only the information you choose
  • Customize your business profile for each site [See more...]
  • Centralized data stored securely allows your data to be searched and used by the general public
  • Geolocation of your sites and your deceased (using Google Map)

Advantages to use Deceased Directory application 

Using ÉLOGE provide several benefits for a cemetery, columbarium or mausoleum manager.
The benefits to use ÉLOGE
  • Have Internet visibility against competitors
  • Participate in a common heritage project with official information
  • Provide a search engine for your places and your deceased
  • Use a tool to help manage your different burial places
  • This is a completely Web-based application
  • Easy to use tool
  • Take advantage of our affiliate program to improve your earnings
  • Negligible fees for the service provided
  • Pay only for your needs
  • Have the opportunity to increase your revenue (deferred charges, affiliate program)
  • Support provided by a multidisciplinary information technology team

Our rates & packages 

  • Service packages
  • No membership fee
  • No monthly payment
  • No charge for regular website technology updates
  • No charge for customer support
  • Negligible integration costs (as required)

More details ? 

You are managing one or more burial sites : cemeteries, crypts, mausoleums or columbarium ?
Contact our team now to join our service.

Do you know a burial site that is no longer on the Deceased Directory ? Let us know by sending us the name of the place (cemetery, columbarium, mausoleum,...), its city and its coordinates and we will get in touch with them.